Traditional and cherished: Historical fun rides and the “Oide Wiesn” (Historical Wiesn) on the Munich Oktoberfest

The Munich Oktoberfest can be rightly seen as a prime example for the combination of tradition and modernity. Besides the newest fun rides and attractions which twirl visitors highly up in the air and the big tents where people dance and sing on top of the ale-benches at 6pm at the latest, the visitor of the Oktoberfest can also experience a lot of tradition: Special and historic fun rides give the visitors the opportunity to experience the Oktoberfest the same way as their previous generations did. Besides that there is a special and separated area at the Oktoberfest which is called the “Oide Wiesn”. There you have the possibility to celebrate traditionally like a hundred years ago.

Special & historical fun rides at the Munich Oktoberfest

Ferris wheel: The Ferris wheel was established in 1880 and offers a magnificent view across the entire festival grounds.

Krinoline: The Krinoline is a traditional carousel with daily live music and since 1924 it is an inherent part of the Munich Oktoberfest.

Hexenschaukel (swinging witch): The historical American fun ride is only represented at the Oktoberfest in Munich. At this, the sense of balance is disturbed and simulates a loop.

Teufelsrad (wheel of devil): Passengers try to stay on a rotating wooden round slice while the staff of the Teufelsrad tries to put them off with Bavarian jokes, amusements and attacks of foam balls. This is great fun for all spectators and participants at any time of day.

Teufelsrad - und jetzt den Kopf einziehen (Devils wheel)
Teufelsrad Oktoberfest Munich | Source flickR / Traveller_40

Schichtl: At the Schichtl the festival visitors are part of a magic show. Especially the alleged beheading of a visitor by the guillotine is quite famous. It is still a part of every show.

Flohzirkus (flea circus): Fleas dance, play football or pull a wagon. Especially for families the flea circus is very popular.

Toboggan: The challenge of this traditional wooden slide is not to come down. But the way to the top of the attraction by using a fast assembly belt seems to be rather complicated for many Oktoberfest visitors. Therefore you will always have a good time watching them.

The traditional tent & the “Oide Wiesn”

On the occasion of the anniversary of the Oktoberfest in 2010 a part of the festival ground was transformed into a traditional respectively historical version of the Oktoberfest. Here it was possible to pet horses and to eat, drink and dance in a traditional tent. Because of the popularity the city decided to continue this tradition 2011 and the “Oide Wiesn” was born. There you can get draft beer in ancient stone beer mugs and watch shows of “Goaßlschnalzer” and “Schuhplattler”.

Pictures of the historical Oktoberfest in 2010

Pictures source: Platzl Hotel Munich

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