Looking forward to the „O’zapft is!“ – What’s new on the 187th Munich Oktoberfest?

On the 17th of September the beloved Oktoberfest will start again. Last Thursday Gabriele Weishäupl, head of the Oktoberfest management, announced the news of this year’s “Wiesn” in Munich.

“This year’s “Wiesn” is going to be larger and more secure than ever!”

From now on, the historical part of the 2010 Oktoberfest – the so called “Oide Wiesn” (Bavarian for “Nostalgic Wiesn”), with its traditional beer tents, folklore and rides, will be a part of the Oktoberfest in every year.

Furthermore there are two new beer tents and thus nearly 10,000 more seats. To ensure an even safer festival this year 180 new security bollards are installed at the entrances to the festival grounds.

Families and fans of the different attractions can also look forward to two new rides which will provide enjoyment and excitement for the visitors.

From now on in every year: the nostalgic Oktoberfest as a part of the festival

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